Learning a Second Language?
Welcome to the Game!

Learning a second language is like playing soccer: if you decide to get in, you’d better play to win!

The sooner you learn the rules, set specific goals, and keep the proper motivation, the better you score.

Can you imagine a game in which every participant wins every time?

If you thought 'The Language Learning Game', you are absolutely right! This a game we play together...

At Second Language Now we give you the basics Portuguese & English... so you can explore, taste and discover language learning 'secrets' on your own!

As soon as you take the first steps, please let me know you are in. I am going to introduce you to a native speaker of your target language who is also learning your language. You can help each other to

  1. Increase your motivation level,
  2. Improve your performance through real communication,
  3. Discover a new culture and
  4. Make friends for a lifetime!

Whatever your reasons to learn a second language may be...

We are all in this together!

Where to Begin?

After providing FREE language resources for Portuguese learners since 2006, we decided to expand this experience and help people learn other foreign languages.

The project has three parts:

  1. Optimize the 500+ pages of our first Web site for easier navigation
  2. Make each section available for free download in PDF files
  3. Translate the resources into several languages with the help of language volunteers

Want to Support Our Mission? Here's How...

Second Language Now is a nonprofit project that exists for one reason: the free and open sharing of language learning tools, resources and opportunities.

If you share our vision of a world in which everyone may have free access to language learning, and want to help us increase the sociability and understanding among nations...

Here is your chance to turn this vision into reality!

By translating, editing or recording our lessons you can help us cover the world with free knowledge. Start writing your name on the eHistory by clicking here! ;-)


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