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Hello. I am Manny, the author of Second Language Now. This is my visit to the beautifull island "Isla Mujeres" in Cancun - Mexico. (I am the one on the left, in case you're wondering... ;-)

People usually ask me why I keep a FREE Web site on language learning.

Well, let me tell you my story...

Since I was a boy, I have a real interest for people and culture. The unique way that people behave, believe and express their feelings always fascinates me.

Then, when I was a young man, I had the opportunity to visit some countries and that interest get increased even more!


In order to keep my Portuguese updated, I searched the Web and found Learn Portuguese Now - a Web site based upon the same principle of FREE sharing.


Then, I found in a Newsletter that this site was on sale. I called the owner, talked about my ideas and we made the deal.

I read the Action Guide - a basic manual written by a Canadian Expert, and in a couple of weeks I was able to build some pages on my own. Better yet, I could run a business and help language learners achieve their dreams!

Living is a fascinating adventure, isn't it?

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